For the small district of Li, the best form of wonder is their strong faith. Their entire population of over 20,000 have been keeping the faith by strictly maintaining the Five Precepts, by which they obsolutely refrain from eating meat their whole life. The reason behind this devotion came from the long-standing faith the Paganyaw […]

King Sanphet VIII or Suriyenthrathibodi of Ayutthaya is known for his fierce mind, hence the more-common name as the ‘Tiger King.’ As the 29th King of the Ban Phlu Luang Dynasty, he built a temple near a big Bodhi tree and named the place ‘Wat Pho Prathap Chang’ after his own birthplace. Now, this ancient […]

In Sukhothai, there is this a small, hidden, and very ancient town of ‘Bang Khlang’ which has recently been found to be even older than the Sukhothai empire. Nestled in the area of Sawankhalok district, the lost city of Bang Khlang played a significant role during the settlement of Sukhothai which was Siam’s primary and […]

Kamphaeng Phet might be small, but its magnificent history has made this under the- radar province worth an intentional visit. The tree-lined historical park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site making it a wonderful destination of well-preserved history. Its features are the beautiful architectural blends of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya periods uniquely built with […]

This is Uthai Thani’s unique town that literally sits on the water with every single raft house hearing an official house registration. Back in the day when the river was the primary transportation route, people in Uthai Thani settled right on the water along the banks. Now, this settlement – comprising of more than 200 […]

The temple of ‘Wat Tilok Aram’ is a sacred place that has been submerged for decades. Now people convene at the newly built floating ubosot that was built on top of the sunken temple. Submerged, but not forgotten. Wat Tilok Aram is an ancient temple sunk in Kwan Payao due to the new irrigation system […]

Sawan means heaven. And at Nakhon Sawan (capital of heaven), one can enjoy arrays of delicious food that make this town real food heaven. Khao Nor – Khao Kaew Located off Nakhon Sawan town, this soaring viewpoint requires quite a strenuous climbing. But the gorgeous panoramic views on top are worth the efforts. Mae Wong […]

The high altitudes of Phetchabun are perfect for kitchen farming. Their famous crops include cold weather favourites; such as sweet cabbages and tamarind. Phetchabun – a mountainous province in the Lower North – is known for its year-round cool climes that create an optimum environment for agriculture. The highland’s year-round cool weather is just perfect […]

As if floating in the sky, this dreamy chedi is temple is one of the best unseens in the Thai North. The white pagodas that seem to be floating in the sky at this mountaintop temple are more prominent during the cooler months. This is Wat Phra Phutthabat Suthawas or Wat Phrabat Phu Pa Dang […]

The small district of Laplae in Uttaradit province is the crown of the hidden gem. Charming local life, delicious cuisine, and the much-coveted ‘Long-Lin’ Laplae delicacy durian. A perfect place to get away from it all, the tiny village of Laplae in the valley of Uttaradit is recognized for its ‘natural remedies’ and local attractions. […]

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