There is no sub-district with a story as big as Bang Rachan. Legend has it that villagers of this small farming community banded together to resist the incoming Burmese army on their way to conquer Ayutthaya. The bravery of the people here was so that it was retold over and over again both in history and many later films and movie productions.

Now, Bang Rachan might not be fighting with anyone, but the renaissance of being patriotic is still present in everyday life. At the popular ‘Bang Rachan Thai Retro Market,’ one can reminisce the old days in traditional period costumes and even shop for some purposely designed retro products. Also iconic of Bang Rachan is the Phra Achan Thammachot statue and Bang Rachan Memorial Park.

Attractions near Bang Rachan

Wat Pikul Thong
The guardian temple of the Pikul Thong people of Singburi, this temple boasts one of Thailand’s largest Buddha images and the much-revered Luangpho Pae with a museum as a tribute to his past social work.

Wat Pho Kao Ton
The ancient temple that was said to be the stronghold of the Bang Rachan villagers while fighting against the invading Burmese during the mid-18th century. Now the main attractions include the sacred Phra Achan Thammachot statue and a replica of the ancient stronghold.

Bang Rachan
Historical Museum Part of the Bang Rachan Memorial Park, this museum was built in the memory of Bang Rachan’s heroes. The exhibits include the stories of the resistance and modeled villagers’ camps and strongholds.