Ban Tong Tom Yai is the name of a fisherman’s village built on stilts and set along the shore of Sawi district in Chumphon. Locals here open their homes to welcome visitors who want to experience an untainted and real fisherman’s lifestyle. Being this close to the sea means you will get to experience everything from freshest available seafood to the myriad of marine activities in the boat and out on the sea.

Line-fishing with the fisherman, learning the tricks for squid hunting or diving to see with your own eyes the man-made fish habitats, for example. Also available are the nearby mangrove trails and, if you time your visit right, their annual environmental conservation rituals that juxtapose with Buddhist ceremonies.

Attractions near Chumphon

Khao Matsee Viewpoint
Located near the touristy beach of Hat Sai Ri, this elevated viewpoint is accessible by car and it is a good location to gawk at the stunning sunset and Chumphon’s island-dotted seascape.

Mu Ko Chumphon National Park
This is the vast sea-and shore area that covers more than 40 islands and islets perfect for snorkeling and diving.
Among the highlights include Ko Thong Lang, Ko Lawa, Ko Langka Jiew, and Ko Matra.

Thung Wua Laen Beach
Chumphon’s favourite beach for those who like the barebone nature. Long, white powdery sand beach with no disruption whatsoever from beach hawkers and jet skis.