As if floating in the sky, this dreamy chedi is temple is one of the best unseens in the Thai North. The white pagodas that seem to be floating in the sky at this mountaintop temple are more prominent during the cooler months.

This is Wat Phra Phutthabat Suthawas or Wat Phrabat Phu Pa Dang in Lampang. Perched on the top of the mountain ridges, this temple, taking a whole, if not more, decade to build, is a local measure that guards this mountain against being exploded for highway construction. Also one of the best-unseen sights in Thailand.

On the first level up, you will see the main temple with the Lanna-style pagodas that line the Ubosot. The higher level, perched on the peaks of the cliff and requires a truck ride-up, enshrines the sacred Buddha’s footprint. The highest peak, only accessible by walking, features the golden pagoda with the sacred Buddha’s relics and the famous all-white five cliffhanging pagodas. This is one magnificent religious devotion that had somehow saved the environment.

Attractions near Lampang

Chae Son National Park
In a lush forest dotted with a natural hot spring, this national park is the destination for the simmering 73  Celsius hot spring food for perfectly poached eggs and picturesque surroundings.

Kiu Lom Dam
Practical and scenic, this dam has become a popular tourist attraction in the area from the get-go. the water and nature side by side.

Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang
This iconic and most revered temple of Lampang is believed to have been built around the 14th century. It is also believed to be the guardian of those born in the Year of the Ox.