The highlands of Mae Hong Son is a perfect place to recharge your inner energy. Here are 5 local elements will sure to refresh and relax you. Mae Hong Son is known for being 1,864 curves away from its nearest neighbor of Chiang Mai. But that challenge only makes the province nicely secluded and unspoiled. The following are selected local elements that can boost your inner energy.

Ozone – Pang Oung
Pang Oung used to be an illegal opium plantation before it was transformed into a local economic farming group via a royal initiative project of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Highlights include the dreamy morning mist over its main reservoir, a leisure cruise and lung-filled intake of the pure ozone.

Local Food – Tiger peanut
Tiger peanut – so-called-so thanks to the tiger-patterns on its kernel – is Mae Hong Son’s unique snack. Usually toasted with sea salt, these peanuts are sweet and deliciously crunchy. The tiger patterns on the skin even add to the taste.

Temple – Wat Chong Klang, Wat Chong Kham
Mae Hong Son’s unique twin temples, Wat Chong Klang, Wat Chong Kham are the sacred grounds for the Tai Yai (or Shan) people living in the province. While Wat Chong Kham features Thai architecture, Wa Chong Klang is prominent for the standing ‘Phra Upakut’ (wealthy deity) in the front.

Blissfulness – Ban Pa Bong Community
Sapan Khao Kao Puer Suk bridge spanning across the vast rice field here is naturally wrapped by pure mountainous bliss. A great place to observe the uniquely mixed Shan- Paganyaw cultures. In the vicinity are some
hot springs and a cooperative market worth checking out.

Health – Sai Ngam Hot Spring
Mineral hot springs at Sai Ngam is good for blood circulation, and the lush surroundings make wonders to the peace of mind.

Attractions near Mae Hong Son

Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu
Perched on top of Doi Kong Mu, this ancient temple (built in 1860) enshrines the ashes of Phra Moggallana – one of the chief disciples of the Buddha; hence, one of Mae Hong Son’s most sacred grounds with a plus being their panoramic views.

Mae Surin Waterfall
The stunning waterfalls are so magnificent in form and lushness that it best showcases Mae Hong Son’s natural abundance. Nearby is Doi Pui Luang National Park or Mae Hong Son’s iconic marigold fields.

Doi Mae U Kho Wild Sunflower Field
Painting the entire highlands of Mae U Kho, the endless wild sunflower fields glow bright into full bloom each year from November to December.