The Martyrs of Songkhon in Mukdahan is also called the Seven Blessed Martyrs of Songkhon after the seven Thai Roman Catholics Thai who sacrificed their lives for Christianity during the Franco-Thai during the World War during World War II. Later, on 22 October 1989, the seven devotees were beatified by Pope Jean Paul II in Rome. In size, Wat Songkhon is also one of Thailand’s largest Catholic churches, but its modern architecture of stark clear lines and vast premises have made it even more outstanding. The church’s unique architecture also earned the premises an outstanding architecture award from the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) in 1996. The seven martyrs along with their ashes inside wax figures are displayed in the church.

Attractions near Mukdahan

Wat Roi Phra Putthabat
Phu Manorom Overlooking the town of Mukdahan and the Mekong River, this temple, perching high on top of a hill, boasts one of the most decorated Great Naga statues as the province’s mythical and much-revered icon.

Ho Kaeo Mukdahan
The province’s observation tower that stands 65 metres high, Ho Kaeo Mukdahan exhibits the province’s chronological history while its top floor is home to an observatory deck and a sacred Buddha image.

Phu Pha Thoep National Park
This national park of Mukdahan is known for a wonderful array of rock formations. Colder months here see colourful blankets of wildflowers adorning its lush terrains and waterfalls.