Many Isan provinces along the Mekong have their cultures closely related to the myth of the Naga. That explains many unique festivals; such as the Naga Fireball and places like ‘Payanak Cave’ where it is believed to be the hidden passage to the Naga world. Wat Tam Sri Mongkhon or Wat Tam Piang Din in Sangkhom district of Nong Khai is where the mysterious ‘Naga Cave’ or the ‘Payanak Cave’ is located.

Legend has it that this is the place where the daughter of the Naga sneaked out to meet her lover, the irresistible human, but then was forced to end the love. The inspiration for the movie ‘The Shape of Water’ perhaps. Also, while there, enjoy the unusual terrains of serpentine rock formations that actually back up the Thai Naga wonders.

Attractions near Nong Khai

Phu Pha Dak
A hill overlooking the Mekong, Phu Pha Dak is known for its sea of mist best seen at sunrise. A long hike that takes about 45 minutes is part of the deal. And that means you will have to be there before dawn to reach the top before the rising of the sun.

Sala Keoku
Also known as ‘Wat Khaek,’ Sala Keoku is a man-made park packed with soaring concrete figures and sculptures built to reflect the personal vision of Luang Pu Bunleua Sulitat to depict religious teachings in a dramatic fashion.

Nong Khai Sky Walk
The latest attraction in Sangkhom district of Nong Khai, this see-through tempered glass walkway offers a wide-angle view of the Mekong. Be extra careful when taking a selfie.