Lining the Eastern side of the Southern Thai strip, Phatthalung gets the first sunlight of the day. At Ban Pak Pra, fishermen here are still perpetuating the old-school ways of fishing, using the hand-operated shore-lining fishing frames (yo, in Thai). In the morning, the glimmering light shimmering over the surfaces of the water, shining through those frames creates sketch-like pictures perfect for photography.

This is a haven for those who love capture memories in frames and then learn all about their unique culture Ban Pak Pra is pristine with the surrounding nature a wonder. This is an unspoiled land, and one of Thailand’s most important wildlife and waterfowl reserves.

Attractions near Phatthalung

Thale Noi Waterfowl Reserve
A national wildlife reserve and a non-hunting zone of the Deep South, Thale Noi covers over 450 square kilometers. The natural abundance aside, this is a sanctuary for both indigenous and migratory birds. The best time for birdwatching is from October – March.

Bamboo Market
Phatthalung’s latest farmers market set in a beautifully lush bamboo grove just about 17 kilometers from the city center, this Saturday market features a back to the nature theme. Organic, home-grown, home-made, and bring-your-own shopping tote.

Na Po Kae
A new tourist attraction that combines the traditional rice paddy culture to the modern day’s constant demands to selfie. Learn about Phatthalung’s local rice varieties and their unique rice farming elements; such as the beautiful bamboo weaved rice silo and resting huts.