The high altitudes of Phetchabun are perfect for kitchen farming. Their famous crops include cold weather favourites; such as sweet cabbages and tamarind. Phetchabun – a mountainous province in the Lower North – is known for its year-round cool climes that create an optimum environment for agriculture. The highland’s year-round cool weather is just perfect for both flora and fauna. Plus this is the land of kitchen crops. Sustainable agriculture is also another highlight of Phetchabun. The province that is the cradle for cabbages, sweet tamarind and aromatic taro roots has many of its farmers tuned into organic and sustainable farming. A lot of fresh produce, including their famous ‘Khao Leum Pua’.

Attractions near Phetchabun

Si Thep Historical Park
Containing the ruins of ancient Phetchabun or Si Thep ancient town, this historical park features the centuries-old empire of the Dvaravati period. Browse through the remains such as moats and mounds all built using laterite of the bygone eras.

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew
With its main attraction being a quintet of layered Buddha statues, this colourful temple is perched high on the mountain top and creates a floating image from afar. A sacred place is good for meditation.

Khao Kho
A beautiful destination complete with the widely photographed sea of mist not too far from Bangkok, Khao Kho is a wonderful camping ground for those wishing to be at one with nature.