If you want to know more about Thai herbs, medicinal or not, Ban Dong Bung in Prachin Buri should be on your bucket list. This small district is known for the extensive native herbs, both medicinal and not. Visitors will learn everything there is to know about the amazing Thai ways of using herbs to cure basic symptoms. Also in their exhibit garden are some of the very rare herbs, notably ‘Phet-sang-kat’ or veld grape that is known to heal broken bones. A delicious herbal lunch, herbal spa, reflexology, and Thai massage and herbal sauna are also among the highlights.

Attractions near Prachin Buri

Thap Lan Waterfall
The main event of Thap Lan National Park, this magnificent waterfall is a local favourite especially at the peak of the rainy season.

Phra Phutta Varavadee Sri Prachin, Sirindhorn Lokkanat
Another of Thailand’s humongous Buddha images, this one – again perched on the top of a hill – features a sitting Buddha surrounded by naga heads. A new hotspot to check out.

Four-Generation Naga Park
This is one-of-a-kind attraction with four naga statues (said to be from four generations) adorning a stone park. A part of ‘Luang Pu Sodh’ Buddhist Park.