Amphawa Floating Market might be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Samut Songkhram. But then, this province has so much more to offer when it comes to its riverside charms. Life starts early at Don Manora Floating Market. Untainted local lifestyle is preserved here for this is the real living market where locals converge and exchange their fresh produce. In the same vicinity is Tha Kha Floating Market that still takes place based on the Buddhist calendar (they are also open every weekend).

Another fantastic spot for a true local life observation.Bang Nok Kwaek is a century-old floating market that is open during the evening. This area used to be a major port, with their locals still experts of delicious Thai foods. Also in the vicinity is the 400-year-old Wat Sai and museum as well as the nearby Bang Noi Floating Market that is known for Khlong Khon shrimp paste and pickled limes.

The famous Amphawa Floating Market comes alive in the evening. This area is still dense with firefly-lit mangrove patches A vibrant market if you like food off the boats.

Attractions near Samut Songkhram

Wat Bang Kung
Part of the ancient navy campsite since the time of King Taksin the Great, Wat Bang Kung was left deserted for centuries before being finally restored. Now their ficus-covered ruins and the much-revered Ayutthaya-period Luangpho Dam are the main events.

Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral
One of the most beautiful Churches in Thailand, decorated in French Gothic style, located by the riverside. The magnificent interior consists of stained glass and Picture of the Virgin Mary.

Khlong Khon
Set right on the rich estuary of the Gulf of Thailand, Khlong Khon is a haven for those into the natural breeze, home-stay experience and lots of super fresh seafood meals.