In the time that we are beginning to be really concerned about global warming, this temple sends out a strong and clear message. We are trashing way too much and we are using way too much. Instead of employing, like all other temples before, the usual glittering materials in its construction, this temple is built entirely out of recycled bottles. The glittering greens are from one brand of beer, the anchoring brown lines are from another. Creative, and big-time environmentalist. Bravo to this unique temple. A great testament of how religious faith can actually do good in the world.

Attractions near Si Sa Ket

Sri Lamduan
Chalermprakiet Tower Soaring high over 84 storeys, this tower is Si Sa Ket’s main museum with exhibits portraying the province’s key personas and events. The top floor that offers the province’s panoramic views is a big plus.

Pha Mo I-Daeng
This expansive cliff is perched on top of the ridge overlooking the Thai- Cambodian border. The magnets of the scenery include Preah Vihear Temple, ancient stone-carved murals and natural artefacts.

Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai
Si Sa Ket’s most complete Khmer ruins that were built as a shrine to Shiva, Prasat Wat Sa Kamphaeng Yai is where the 13 ancient and sacred lintels were unearthed, making this a treasured archaeological archeological spot of the province.