The natural forces of the lush waterfalls can instantly be so refreshing. In Tak, the greenery, the high mountain ranges and the lushness of it all are the origins of some magnificent waterfalls. Nature has an instant power to heal a soul. One step into the forest and you are likely to feel recharged. Into the high mountain ranges of Tak province are myriads of waterfalls. From the Thi Lo Su, the Thi Lo Rae, to the Pi Tu Go, the Nilaki, and the Thararak.

The most stunning of them all, however, is the famous Lo Su. Also very unique is the Pi Tu Go (or Pre To Lo Su) waterfall for its unique heart-shaped cascading drops. For a great tiered impression, head to the Pa Charoen and observe all of its soaring 97 tiers. The ‘Krachiao Som’ (Curcuma roscoeana) are in full bloom and brighten up the whole area from August to October, making that particular period much coveted.

Attractions near Tak

Wat Phra Barommathat
Modelled after Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda, Wat Phra Barommathat is Tak’s primary sacred ground. Their annual celebration every ninth the ninth month of the year is also worth checking out.

Doi Luang Tak
A place to immerse into the pristine lands of tropical forests or even camp out overnight to catch the famous misty vibes.

Bhumibol Dam
Thailand’s greatest arch concrete dam, Bhumibol Dam is a spectacular site for nature lovers. Trek along its lush trails or enjoy a leisure raft cruise in the largest reservoir of Southeast Asia.