Apart from its famous beaches and islands, Trang is known for its local delicacies. In Trang town, one can enjoy a series of endless meals. The food here comprises of Chinese Hokkien flavours and the unique fieriness of Southern Thai spices. Tucking into Trang’s dim sum and note the Hokkien dialects that are still perpetuated, albeit locally adapted, in each dish.

The unique red dim sum sauce – called Dou Ban Jiang (or locally called ‘Som Jeung) – a remnant of the past – is still presented on the table here. Also popular are Trang’s unique grilled pork, egg noodles and wontons, and their sponge cakes whose recipes are adapted from the Peranakan kitchen.

Attractions near Trang

Ko Kradan
An island part of the Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park, Ko Kradan is where Trang’s famous underwater wedding takes place. Summer – from February to April – is the best time to visit.

Theptharo Tree Park
Theptharo is a local tree that is known for its healing and – for some – auspicious properties. But at this park, curvy roots of the trees are made into almost 100 giant dragons that have now become the Park’s main attraction. Souvenirs are made from Theptharo wood and its fragrant oil.

Kantang Train Station
The last terminal of the Southern-Andaman train, this pastel-yellow wooden train station of the 1910s has been registered as a Thailand’s heritage. For a trip down memory lane, hop on the still-running Trang- Kantang train that takes 44 minutes and a Bt5 ticket.