Ban Nam Chiew fishing community in Trat is an epitome of Thailand’s peaceful cohabitation. Here, Thai-Muslim, Thai-Buddhist and Thai-Chinese descendants have been sharing this space for generations. The century-old Alkuboro Masjid stands side by side with ‘the Chao Pho Nam Chiew’ shrine and ‘Wat Nam Chiew Temple.’

The community might be cut through with a tributary, but the two sides of the community are linked by their uniquely high yet narrow wooden footbridge (Sapan Wat Jai). Home-staying at this community means a good chance to observe it all and enjoy the local fisherman’s lifestyle. Opt for activities; such as a night out fishing on a small boat or a shuttle out to visit oyster farms, for instance. Other cultural highlights include their ‘Khao Kriap Ya Na’ or rice crepes with minced shrimp topping and their Nam Chiew conical hat.

Attractions near Trat

Ko Mak
The 3rd largest island off Trat’s shores Ko Mak’s relatively bare nature attracts those who want an untainted sea paradise. Great spot to bike about in the wild or snorkeling around the island.

Ban Tha Ranae
This archaic mangrove forest is so vast and dense with gnarled giant branches and roots that it creates good haunting vibes. Those into botany will enjoy the variety of the local mangrove forests.

Black Beach
Another highlight of Trat, this naturally black beach is the result of centuries of sedimentation at the nearby mangrove forests. The blackness here is believed to contain a healing property. A day out at this natural spa, perhaps?