One of the most romantic, and amazing, in terms of natural wonders in Udon Thani, Thale Bua Daeng (Red Lotus Lake) is the largest natural lotus pond you can find in Thailand. Located in the Nong Han district about 50 kilometres south of the town centre, this lake is in full bloom during the colder months of each year (December – February). The best time to observe the beauty is early in the morning when you charter a boat down a boat and wander into the misty morning and then in a sudden burst, the rollicking sea of pink appears before you. To capture the theme of nature, the province also organises an annual ‘red carpet’ wedding to romanticize nature every February.

Attractions near Udon Thani

Wat Pa Phu Kon
Set in a lush preserved forest, Wat Pa Phu Kon is a serene spot perfect for pilgrimage. Their Great Wihan features modern Rattanakosin architecture that is home to a sacred marbled reclining Buddha.

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
The province’s geological wonders of unusual rock formations (caused by centuries of natural erosion) that has become stuck in the minds of the locals to the point of being sacred and revered.

Kham Chanot
This area has recently gained a big hype thanks to the story of the mysterious and powerful wish-granting Naga. Also to complete the picture is their so-called ‘sacred pond’ and the ancient banyan trees.