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This wooden, century-old Thai-style Catholic church is a good testament of multireligious cohabitation in Thailand. From the outside, this church looks just like a traditional Thai teak-wood house. In fact, it is said to employ over 300 trees and 80,000 pieces of wood to support its roof. Inside of the church, however, Catholic elements; such […]

There is a belief that if you pay homage to each and every one of the seven Phrathat temples of Nakhon Phanom, you will forever be an honourable acolyte. Phrathat Phanom for those born on Sunday. The sacred white-and-gold Phrathat at Wat Phrathat Phanom Worawihan is Nakhon Phanom’s religious staple. People come here for a […]

Many Isan provinces along the Mekong have their cultures closely related to the myth of the Naga. That explains many unique festivals; such as the Naga Fireball and places like ‘Payanak Cave’ where it is believed to be the hidden passage to the Naga world. Wat Tam Sri Mongkhon or Wat Tam Piang Din in […]

One of the most romantic, and amazing, in terms of natural wonders in Udon Thani, Thale Bua Daeng (Red Lotus Lake) is the largest natural lotus pond you can find in Thailand. Located in the Nong Han district about 50 kilometres south of the town centre, this lake is in full bloom during the colder […]

The wonders of Ubon Ratchathani is provincewide. Along the Khong River that lines the borders of the province are places that make Ubon Ratchathani even more special. You might have heard of their spectacular ‘Sam Phan Bok’ or literally ‘Three Thousand Small Basins’ which scientifically means the beautiful forms of erosion of the rock river […]

A perfect place for stargazing, Mo Hin Khao in the Phu Laen Kha National Park of Chaiyaphum features arrays of extraterrestrial white rock columns, hence the name. It is above is also a popular place for nature lovers who usually camp out for the best scenes of the sunrise. Most rocks at Mo Hin Khao […]