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Sometimes, it happened that there was a big trend in amulets. Years ago, people were crazed about the palm-sized amulets called ‘Jatukham Rammathep’ and the origin of it all was here at Nakhon Si Thammarat where a great number of auspicious Buddha images could still be the reason of your visit. Pho Than Khali the […]

Follow the King’s philosophy Kaem Ling Nong Yai – Generosity of King Rama IX The first Kaem Ling project in Thailand The first check-in point of this trip, we will take you to Kaem Ling Nong Yai, Chumphon Province, the area that has been blessed by the generosity from King Rama IX that helped people […]

Local wisdom and collective efforts had created a quaint landmark unique to this sub-district of Maha Sarakham. Nong Kae Dam is the name of the local lake that was once a small creek. Later, rain after one rain storm after another, this creek expanded into a large lake and the locals, seeking for a good […]

It used to be that to prove your true love, you would need to conquest the top of ‘Phu Kradueng’ in Loei. This gorgeous peak requires an over 9- kilometer upward and strenuous trek and if you and your loved one can make it, chances are your love will make it too. Proving your true […]

The bright, earthy orange tones of the soils near the ancient and extinct volcano of ‘Khao Phra Angkhan’ south of Buri Ram has made this small village very unique and special. The locals here exploit the nature, using the natural brightness of the soil as the primary fabric dye; hence, a one-of-a-kind handmade cotton specialty […]

This is Uthai Thani’s unique town that literally sits on the water with every single raft house hearing an official house registration. Back in the day when the river was the primary transportation route, people in Uthai Thani settled right on the water along the banks. Now, this settlement – comprising of more than 200 […]

The temple of ‘Wat Tilok Aram’ is a sacred place that has been submerged for decades. Now people convene at the newly built floating ubosot that was built on top of the sunken temple. Submerged, but not forgotten. Wat Tilok Aram is an ancient temple sunk in Kwan Payao due to the new irrigation system […]

Sawan means heaven. And at Nakhon Sawan (capital of heaven), one can enjoy arrays of delicious food that make this town real food heaven. Khao Nor – Khao Kaew Located off Nakhon Sawan town, this soaring viewpoint requires quite a strenuous climbing. But the gorgeous panoramic views on top are worth the efforts. Mae Wong […]