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Amphawa Floating Market might be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Samut Songkhram. But then, this province has so much more to offer when it comes to its riverside charms. Life starts early at Don Manora Floating Market. Untainted local lifestyle is preserved here for this is the real living […]

King Narai the Great designated Lop Buri as the second capital outside the Ayutthaya Kingdom. He built Phra Narai Ratchaniwet in 1666 as an alternative palace for him to relax. This was his favourite palace that portrayed the peak of glory during the Lawo dynasty. Now, this magnificence has been restored with the instalment of […]

Khon – the very exquisite Thai royal performance – is considered the epitome of the country’s utmost performance. Traditional and elaborate in every way, Khon is the special occasion that gathers the country’s highest forms of traditional arts. Whether it is the embroidery, apparel, music, songs, and dances, Khon is Thailand’s national treasure. And every year, […]

The small, charming sub-district of Sapphaya in Chai Nat has a time stands still kind of vibes. As a province along the Chao Phraya River, Chai Nat played a crucial role during the time when Siam’s main commuting routes were rivers and canals. And this riverside sub-district a major portal spot along the way. Now, […]

The Martyrs of Songkhon in Mukdahan is also called the Seven Blessed Martyrs of Songkhon after the seven Thai Roman Catholics Thai who sacrificed their lives for Christianity during the Franco-Thai during the World War during World War II. Later, on 22 October 1989, the seven devotees were beatified by Pope Jean Paul II in […]

In the time that we are beginning to be really concerned about global warming, this temple sends out a strong and clear message. We are trashing way too much and we are using way too much. Instead of employing, like all other temples before, the usual glittering materials in its construction, this temple is built […]

Local wisdom and collective efforts had created a quaint landmark unique to this sub-district of Maha Sarakham. Nong Kae Dam is the name of the local lake that was once a small creek. Later, rain after one rain storm after another, this creek expanded into a large lake and the locals, seeking for a good […]

It used to be that to prove your true love, you would need to conquest the top of ‘Phu Kradueng’ in Loei. This gorgeous peak requires an over 9- kilometer upward and strenuous trek and if you and your loved one can make it, chances are your love will make it too. Proving your true […]