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Dausa District, Rajasthan (India) – October 2, 2015 (travelindex) – Talabgaon Castle is actively involved in improving quality of life of their local community and providing employment and training. Hiring residents from the local villages and providing job opportunities in various divisions in the hotel. Talabgaon Castle also encourages international travel companies and their guests to help the local community by contributing resources in the field of education and social welfare.

In collaboration with Land Rover and Indigo Travels, Talabgaon Castle helps to provide clean drinking water to its surrounding villages. Through generous donations from guests and international organisations, Talabgaon Castle worked together with representatives of Indigo Travels to set up new water tubes, water pumps, and water taps for the local people. An active member of the local community, Talabgaon Castle also encourages guests to donate reading materials, books, notebooks, and pens/pencils to local government schools.

Secret Retreats members are active in their community and engage in philanthropic endeavours that support sustainability, local culture/customs, and nature preservation. Discover Secrets on these memorable journeys to help preserve the planet and its people.

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Dileep & Dalpat Singh Rathore from Talabgaon Castle share: Talabgaon Castle is a living castle. It has been with our family for over 200 years. We have always wanted to share the experience of a by gone era with the guests of Talabgaon. We Rajputs have a proud history as fearless warriors who lived by a strict code of honor. We also have a reputation for our hospitality. At Talabgoan Castle we want the guests to experience the lifestyle of a Rajput noble. Our family resides at the castle so each guest is treated more like a visiting family member or relative rather than just a guest. Atithi Devo Bhavah (The guest is god) is a Rajput and a hindu tradition that has been followed in India for centuries and our aim is for the guests of “Talabgon to experience that tradition in the luxurious comfort of Castle Talabgaon.” Also as the castle is situated in middle of rustic Rural Rajasthan and we want guests to experience and see the real rural Rajasthani lifestyle which they cannot in other city Hotels. Our vision is “Luxury in the Palm of Nature”

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